At Turbine Tool and Gage we specialize in the expert design and building of critical tools and gages for the gas turbine industry. 

Turbine Tool and Gage is proud of its achievement and contribution to the American technology that extends beyond today's accepted processes and procedures.  We are equally proud of an ever growing clientele that depends on Turbine Tool and Gage for craftsmanship, reliability and imagination that ultimately is reflected in greater profits. 

Turbine tool and Gage can help you reduce your costs and increase your profits.


Example of a large special checking fixture designed and built by Turbine Tool and Gage.

2 Station E.D.M. Fixture

Upper:  Guillotine gage 3 section with twist and displacement

Lower:  Pair of guillotine gages for the checking of leading and trailing turbine buckets.

Stem Drill holding fixture made for the E.C.M. drilling of small holes.

5x, 10x, 20x, 31.25x, AND 50x lens give us the capabilities for a large range of contour work, with ratios ranging from 5 to 1 to 50 to 1.